Prime Product Manufacturing is one of South Africa's leading contract manufacturing and packaging businesses. Focusing on the personal care, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance segments

Prime has the ability and resources to design and construct state of the art equipment such as both Semi- and fully automated filling machines, process vessels and other relevant to our industry. These machines are comparable to the best models available in Europe. This ability and skill gives Prime the edge over competitors regarding flexibility, turnaround time and cost efficiencies.

This knowledge is constantly kept up-to-date with the latest national and international standards and regulations. Depending on the type of product to be packaged and dispensing mode, various types of patented Devices have been developed which are submitted to the most stringent testing and quality controls.

  1. Various Types of Labeling Machines
  2. De-Ionized Water Filling Systems, Fully PLC Controlled
  3. Blister Packers
  4. Aerosol Cap Assembly Machine
  5. Aerosol Assembly Machine and Over Cap Assembly Machine
  6. Lip Ice Assembly Machine
  7. Lip Ice Tube Filling And Bar Coding Machine
  8. Oval Lip Ice Filling Machine
  9. Shoe Polish Line
  10. Drum Twisters
  11. Inkjet Conveyors
  12. Inkjet and Camera Conveyors
  13. Horizontal And Vertical Homogenizers
  14. Plastic Jabsco Pump With Titanium Shafts
  15. Modified Heater Bars on the Shrink wrappers
  16. Cooling Rings and Nozzles for Norden Tube Sealers
  17. Custom built laboratory on the back of a truck for De Beers Research
  18. Custom built water treatment trailer for a mine using Milton Sterilizing Fluid

We have been involved in the following innovations in formulations:

  1. Development of world class sunscreen and lip balm ranges since 1997
  2. Developing a natural cosmetic range
  3. Development of a natural sunscreen range
  4. Development of a production process for Titanium dioxide nanoparticles
  5. Development a dispersion process for well dispersed nanoparticles